Buzadam Yüzme İhtisas Spor Kulübü


    Definition of swimming sport; In international standards, 50 meters, 8 lanes, each competitor in his own lane, in each of the freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and frog styles, or in a mixed combination of all four, without any help other than the strokes and foot movements of the body, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 It is the competition that they do individually or as a team in the 1500 meters.It is a sport in the Olympic Games.


     In addition, swimming is performed in some of the competitions of the Modern Pentathlon and Triathlon sports branches, which are also held in the Olympic Games. Swimming is the basis of water polo, tower jumping and synchronized swimming.

     Swimming; It is the whole of movements that require the individual to move through the water without using any element other than arm and leg movements and keep him on the water.



       The most important, even the first reason for learning to swim is to be able to ensure the safety of life in the water. At every point in our lives, we are likely to find ourselves at or around the water; While fishing, vacationing, boat trips, having fun with friends… Even though we feel protected outside the pool at such times, the first thing that will make us feel safe in case of an accident or falling down is knowing how to swim.


      As many doctors have stated and recommended; Swimming is one of the most effective sports that supports physical health. It is a sport where almost all the muscles in the body work, strengthen and coordinate. It is the most preferred treatment method in diseases such as posture disorders, lumbar and neck hernia.


      In addition to the fact that we mostly swim in the summer to relax and cool off, water in general has the properties of relaxing, lightening and giving positive energy support to the body. Knowing how to swim gives us the chance to spend more quality and sufficient time in the water.


       As can be seen; Touching the most important points of our lives, swimming is never a luxury, it is a basic need that should be learned from childhood. Today, it is one of the first sports branches that should be preferred in terms of mental and physical health, life safety and future for children who cannot play on the streets to the fullest and cannot get rid of their energy.


       Remember, you may not always be there for your child. Make sure to give him the opportunity to provide life safety on his own from a young age. In order for your child to take a swimming lesson as soon as possible, you can contact us and get information about our children's swimming training groups or one-to-one private swimming lessons.


       If you do not know how to swim, swimming can be learned at any age, you can reach us to take swimming lessons as soon as possible and start your training in our adult swimming groups or with private swimming lessons.