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About Us



                Buzadam Yüzme İhtisas Sports Club Association was established in Kuşadası in 2006. In the same year, sports clubs and youth clubs were registered in Aydın Sports Provincial Directorate. It is the first club to issue a swimming license in Aydın and its districts.

The most important aim of our club is to train athletes from Aydın (Kuşadası, Efeler, Nazilli, Söke), Ankara (Yenimahalle, Çankaya) and İzmir (Torbalı, Selçuk, Tire, Gaziemir) to the Olympic Games. We, as the Buzadam Swimming Club, continue to train our champion athletes in this marathon started in 2000 by ICEMAN (Iceman) Mehmet GEDİK, nicknamed our deceased teacher. There are a national coach, 8 national athletes, 14 coaches, 200 licensed athletes and hundreds of athlete candidates in our club. One of our achievements with limited resources is the Aegean Region championship. Our goal is Turkey championship.





Who is Mehmet Gedik?



                   Born in 1955 in Ankara, Mehmet Yaşar Gedik  started swimming at the age of 7, and achieved various successes in the pool until he was 17, and was later selected for the Marathon National Team. He started water polo and marathon swimming in Rink İhtisas, Mülkiye and Galatasaray Sports Clubs.


                    On July 23, 1984, the National Marathon runner who swam the 85 km distance between Anamur and Kyrenia in 34 hours and 40 minutes was sent to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. With the approval of President Denktaş and Prime Minister Konak, a street in Kyrenia was named after him.


                     Mr.Gedik, who swam a marathon 43 times at different times and places like this, had set a new goal for himself during this time. It was to swim through the Bering Strait, which was -2 degrees even in August between America and Russia in the North Pole, and to show the world once again the power of the Turks. In order to reach his goal, he started training in the ice-covered Mogan and Eğmir Lakes in Ankara, and in the ice in summer, in order to accustom the body and brain to the cold water of -2 degrees.

He broke the Turkish Record in this field by staying on the ice for 32 minutes and 33 seconds on November 21, 1997, and the World Record by staying on the ice for 43 minutes on July 19, 1998. Thus, French Jean broke the 42-minute mark of Noel and made his name in the Guinness Book of Records. On May 19, 1999, he equaled his own record by staying in the ice for 44 minutes in Kuşadası. He was now running his marathons in cold waters and during the winter months.


                     On July 05, 2001, he broke his own record by staying under -9 degrees ice for 51 minutes in front of 700 people in Marl, Germany, and he registered this record by watching the Guinness panel of experts. Gedik, who has continuously improved his icing degree after this date, improved this record to 1 hour and 10 minutes in Kuşadası in 2003 in the presence of a notary public. 


                 After training hundreds of swimmers in Ankara, he founded the Kuşadası Sports Swimming Team in 2000. In Kuşadası and Aydın region, he made swimming sport popular with young people and children. He gave them success, discipline, determination and the happiness of achieving success in races even under difficult conditions. He won the 3rd place in the 2002 Turkey Regional Championship held in Antalya, the 1st place in the 2003 Turkish Regional Championship held in Balıkesir, and the 12th place in Turkey with his athletes. It is a pity for all his work and efforts to cross the Bering Strait which was inconclusive because he could not find a sponsor to support him. The life marathon of National Swimmer Mehmet Yasar Gedik, who is married and has two children, ended on August 23, 2004 in Kuşadası.


                  With his honesty, humanity, pride, dignity and that warm smile, he will always be remembered and fondly remembered by everyone who had the chance to know him.




 Who is Our Founder Saruhan GEDİK?




                He was born on February 18, 1982 in Ankara. He was a swimmer in Ankara clubs between 1989-1993. He started swimming coaching in 1999 when his father Mehmet Yasar Gedik founded the swimming team at Kusadasi Spor. After working as a coach at Kuşadası Spor until 2006, our club Buzadam Swimming Specialization was established in 2006 to keep the name of his late father Mehmet Yaşar Gedik alive. He is still the chairman and club coordinator of our club.

                In 2007, he became the National Team trainer and also served as a Technical Board Member in both the Swimming Federation and the Modern Pentathlon Federation and the Aydın Youth and Sports Swimming Provincial Representative.








2022 Mehmet Gedik Şampiyonası Şampiyonu             (Katılan: 12 Kulüp)

2021 Mehmet Gedik Şampiyonası Şampiyonu              (Katılan: 11 Kulüp)

2020 Mehmet Gedik Şampiyonası Şampiyonu             (Katılan: 10 Kulüp)

2019 MPF Triathle Kızlar Türkiye Şampiyonu                 (Katılan: 42 Kulüp)

2019 MPF Triathle Erkekler Türkiye Şampiyonu            (Katılan: 44 Kulüp)

2018 MPF Triathle Kızlar Türkiye Şampiyonu                 (Katılan: 38 Kulüp)

2018 MPF Triathle Erkekler Türkiye 2.'si                          (Katılan: 39 Kulüp)

2015 MPF Triathle Erkekler Türkiye 2.'si                          (Katılan: 33 Kulüp)

2019 Aydın Kış Şampiyonası Şampiyonu                        (Katılan: 10 Kulüp)

2019 Aydın Yaz Şampiyonası Şampiyonu                       (Katılan: 10 Kulüp)

2019 Mehmet Gedik Şampiyonası 2.'si                            (Katılan: 10 Kulüp)

2018 Aydın Kış Şampiyonası Şampiyonu                        (Katılan: 10 Kulüp)

2018 Aydın Yaz Şampiyonası Şampiyonu                       (Katılan: 10 Kulüp)

2018 Mehmet Gedik Şampiyonası Şampiyonu             (Katılan: 12 Kulüp)

2017 Mehmet Gedik Şampiyonası Şampiyonu             (Katılan: 10 Kulüp)

2017 Aydın Deneme Yarışmaları Şampiyonu                (Katılan: 6 Kulüp)

2016 Mehmet Gedik Şampiyonası Şampiyonu             (Katılan: 11 Kulüp)

2016 Aydın Deneme Yarışmaları Şampiyonu                 (Katılan: 4 Kulüp)

2015 Mehmet Gedik Şampiyonası Şampiyonu             (Katılan: 10 Kulüp)

2014 Mehmet Gedik Şampiyonası Şampiyonu             (Katılan: 10 Kulüp)

2013 Mehmet Gedik Şampiyonası Şampiyonu             (Katılan: 11 Kulüp)

2012 Mehmet Gedik Şampiyonası Şampiyonu             (Katılan: 10 Kulüp)

2011 Mehmet Gedik Şampiyonası Şampiyonu              (Katılan: 9 Kulüp)

2010 Mehmet Gedik Şampiyonası Şampiyonu             (Katılan: 8 Kulüp)

2009 Mehmet Gedik Şampiyonası 2.'si                           (Katılan: 7 Kulüp)

2008 Mehmet Gedik Şampiyonası Şampiyonu            (Katılan: 7 Kulüp)

2007 Mehmet Gedik Şampiyonası 2.'si                           (Katılan: 5 Kulüp)

2006 Mehmet Gedik Şampiyonası Şampiyonu            (Katılan: 3 Kulüp)






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